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The 21st-century peer-to-peer energy exchange system for corporate businesses and renewable gen

honesto gives you a fully regulated access to explore the crypto market safely. Thanks to the c

Transaction Software to decentralize power and mobility and make these sectors web3 ready. In o

At DOVU, we’re accelerating net zero by empowering the transparent digitisation and trading of

hiveonline is building sustainable decentralised finance for financially excluded smallholders

At Atani, we give traders and investors in digital assets access to the real crypto ecosystem.

BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms a

Zamna’s Identity Rails deliver the critical foundation to transform travel industry identity da

We help our customers make the crypto economy a safe place to transact and invest as crypto pav

DigiShares provides a white-label platform for tokenization, i.e., the issuance, corporate mana

The Secured Gateway to Digital Assets Trade Crypto options and futures on the (soon-to-be) EU-r

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    #Blockchain is being hailed as web 3.0 – the next evolution of the internet. In this article, I will elaborate on #Europe's #web3 industry outlook, followed by the latest trends presented during the guest lecture at The Berlin School of Economics and Law....

    Early this year, I had the honour to do a guest lecture at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, speaking about "Decoupling Blockchain & Crypto". Read the chapter 1: fundamentals of #Blockchain & #Cryptocurrency....

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