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shechain.co is on a mission to make the blockchain industry more inclusive.

We believe startups with a gender-balanced team have a greater chance to succeed. Our community connects those startups with skillful talents and visionary investors to achieve what we are here for.

“I believe all kinds of partnerships empower the female inclusion in the blockchain space. We can work together so that we can grow and make the industry more inclusive.”

Founder & Advisor of shechain.co, speaking at Blockchain for Impact 2019 at UN HQ, NYC

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Join us & work towards building a sustainable and inclusive world
shechain profile circle yuree
Founder & Advisor of shechain.co, Advisor of AI Forum, Women in IT Awards Asia 2019
shechain.co supporter dr.petra
Petra Arends-Paltzer PhD
European Women of Legal Tech 2020 - Founder Davos Digital Forum + Rolemodel Rebels
shechain profile circle tegan
Co-Founder & Head of Business at Edge & Node, working on The Graph
[United States]
shechain profile circle winnie
Crypto Trader & Advisor, Product Development Manager at Certis

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