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#DavosReflection part 1. Calling for the #ResponsibleWomen Movement

As we all take responsible action for ourselves, the state of gender equality will move one step forward.

For the first (and probably the last) time, the World Economic Forum annual meeting 2022 was held in May. Instead of thick winter coats, people carried spring jackets and an umbrella.


(Photo credit: – 2022 Davos World Economic Forum annual meeting venue)

I was invited to moderate a women empowerment session – Diversity Redefined: The Future of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Web 3 – co-hosted by & CurioDao at the RollApp NFT shop located in Hotel Europe Davos.


One of our speakers, Kate Vass, runs her own women empowerment initiative, #womensupportingwomen, at Kate Vass Galerie; an art gallery that connects offline and online methods by listing the NFT collection. She saw a problem in the art space where the female artists have limited access to financial resources and started her initiative to support them with her knowledge and network. She also partnered with conference organizers to expand her capabilities.

Every time I see the wonder women tackling the scene in their capacity like Kate, I truly appreciate their energy and contribution showing a great example of a capable woman to the world.

The common attributes I find are that they all are responsible for

  • developing their super-professional career
  • completing the job once committed
  • managing their financial resources

Plus, a mix of intellectual and warm-hearted energy.

We live in a legacy culture from the old times while everyone is looking for the new habit. I sincerely appreciate the various organization’s efforts to secure job positions or free access to tools & conferences only for women in the past decade. Even going back into history, women scientists and scholars started women-only clubs to educate more women in their fields when access was prohibited or limited. Today, the world has become better aware of the importance of gender diversity than before.

In the coming decade, it’s time for action. A lot of women are already being educated and capable of delivering things. Giving out freebies to fill in the ‘women’ quota isn’t sustainable enough. While both women and men are given the same opportunities, we address everyone’s capability based on the deliverables as humans, regardless of gender.

Of course, there is still a subtle bias that exists. 50 biases addressed by the Lean In’s fight bias program provide solid guidance. You will be surprised by the types of biases you may haven’t even recognized for yourself.

In the world of balance, equal opportunity is available to everyone; women, non-binary individuals, and men. And those responsible for taking action are rewarded.

What can we do now to get there? As more women take responsible action and show what she’s capable of, its positive synergy will generate new habits and experiences among our colleagues, family, friends and loved ones.

Calling for the #ResponsibleWomen movement, the first part of my reflection from the Davos week.

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