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#DavosReflection part 2. Rewarding the spirit of openness in Web 3.0

The world leaders and pioneers connect in Davos every year at World Economic Forum (WEF). This year, we could see many web 3.0 companies like Filecoin and CV VC hosting the event houses in the Davos promenade.

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(Photo credit: – The Filecoin Foundation and CNBC house at a historical church next to the main World Economic Forum entrance.)

On day one, I spoke at a panel, “Does Digital Always Mean Inclusive? The Challenges for The New Economy”, at the Lan Space house hosted by Lan Capital. One attendee posed a question about how relevant the Davos meeting is to people in the developing countries from the inclusion viewpoint. I highlighted that the more profound tech knowledge from the leadership comes first when we talk about the digital innovation that brings value to millions of people’s lives. Leaders gather in Davos to develop partnerships to advance their businesses further. And they could invent services that can make better use of technology to improve people’s lives.

All event accesses to the main forum area, hotel events, and promenade house entries are invite-only, so you need to be already in the Davos community before arrival. The attendee’s question had me think again. The world is shifting from a closed to an open society, primarily contributed by web 3.0. So, how do we make it possible for the communities like Davos World Economic Forum to be relevant to the needs of the open society transforming the world – to do even more?

shechain.co_davos wef entrance

(Photo credit: – The World Economic Forum entrance)

While I was developing the listing platform in April 2022, I considered one crucial aspect.

“How do we reward the spirit of openness in Web 3.0?”

People I met at Davos suggested that I could apply the subscription model to During the early research phase, I learned that listing platforms in any industry require people to sign up before navigating the information. I wanted to do it differently in a way that answers the question earlier.

I launched an open platform instead because supports the openness in web 3.0 and is here to solve the social problem by facilitating raising awareness of the women-led startups in the web 3.0 industry.

It’s challenging to satisfy two folds; openness and sustainability. Yet there are ways to apply the core value of web 3.0 and decentralisation while making the platform self-sustainable, such as;

Step 1. The diverse, quality startup information will attract more people to visit

Step 2. High site traffic volume could bring in more sponsors or donors

I’m currently working on scaling the listing process. You can participate in it by sharing about what does with your colleagues and friends.

Would you like to join us and work towards building a sustainable and inclusive world? Share about to five people that could see a value in us this week!

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