EVENT [11 Nov 2022, Berlin] The Inclusive Culture Of Web3: An Investor And Entrepreneur’s Perspective

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EVENT [11 Nov 2022, Berlin] The Inclusive Culture Of Web3: An Investor And Entrepreneur’s Perspective

About this event

A new culture is sweeping the startup industry. It’s a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and open-source ethos driven by Web3 technologies. It extends beyond traditional programming languages and is backed by future tech – blockchains, NFTs and Metaverses.

In this event, we invite an investor and entrepreneur as guests to discuss their insights on how culture shapes the interaction between the community and future technology in the art and fashion industry and its impact on the German economy.


7pm: Welcome drinks
7.30pm: Panel discussion (See Speakers below)
8.15pm: Q&A
8.30pm onwards: Networking session


Yuree Hong (host)
Korean web3 tech entrepreneur Yuree Hong was in her teens when she started coding, which gave her an early insight into the nature of technology. As a self-described ‘Happiness Advocate’ and based in Germany, she’s the Founder of shechain.co, a platform showcasing women-led startups in web3. The book “Top 100 Women of the Future Vol.1” (womenofthefuture.io) features her story, which will be published in late 2022.

Benjamin Horvath
Managing Director of Blockrocket – one of the leading VC firms for early-stage web3 startups in Europe. I am a German venture capitalist with key expertise in tech investments, venture development, psychometrics, and international management (led teams of 10+, worked for 5+ years across Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan, and the UK). WHU-graduate and self-taught coder with an unconventional mindset and a fierce belief in meritocratic systems, blockchain, and psychometrics.

Anna Franziska Michel
Anna Franziska Michel is a tech ambassador and founder. She is known for being one of the prominent voices advocating technology in the fashion industry and connecting digitalization with Sustainability and Metaverse. Anna was selected as one of the top female Business Influencers in Technology by Strive Magazine and she was awarded with the Digital Female Leader Award in the Innovation category. She started as a fashion designer and through learning to code she came to deep technology and using neural networks for the design field. Her goal as founder of yoona.ai is to revolutionize the fashion industry. As one of the few startups, yoona.ai was among the 1% applicants in which Techstars Accelerator invested. Anna believes that you can’t just optimize processes with technology, you also need to change the mindset.

Rebekka Revel, PhD
15+ years at higher education institutions focusing on research topics that intersect art, material culture, sustainability and beliefs particularly within a contemporary Buddhist context. Currently working with organizations to develop innovative communities in tech and creative fields, with a focus on education and building networks.
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