EVENT [24 May 2022, Davos] Diversity Redefined – The Future of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Web3


EVENT [24 May 2022, Davos] Diversity Redefined – The Future of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Web3

Join the event, co-hosted by shechain.co, Unit Network and RollApp.store, to network with women who are dedicated to advancing the industry!

About this event
What will shape tomorrow’s economic transformations in the world of web 3.0? Inspiring women leaders are establishing that today. Policymakers, investors, and organizations have shifted their focus toward the societal and economic aspects of gender parity. While the web 3.0 industry has distributed wealth to the broader society, the state of equal opportunity is still in doubt in terms of income and advancement to the boardroom. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have restructured the wealth distribution in the art, technology, and finance industries, facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The value that people place on authenticity and collaboration are the driving forces that will redefine the gender balance in Web 3.0.

10:30-11:00 Registration at the RollApp NFT Shop
11:00-11:05 Opening remarks by Valerie Florence Halter, Co-Founder of CurioDAO
11:05-11:50 Panel session moderated by Yuree Hong, Founder of shechain.co: Diversity Redefined – The Future of Women’s Economic Empowerment in Web 3
11:50-12:00 Q&A
12:00-14:00 Brunch & Networking


Yuree Hong
Founder, shechain.co

Yuree is a founder & advisor of shechain.co, showcasing women-led blockchain startups with a mission to make the blockchain industry more inclusive. Her women in blockchain initiative started in 2017, and her contribution to diversity and inclusion was recognised at the Women in IT Awards Asia 2019. She presented at international tech and industry conferences that feature top IT leaders and government officials (e.g., Blockchain for Impact at UN HQ).
She is passionate about the United Nations SDGs, future of decentralised networks and artificial intelligence. She worked in the field of tech investment, deep-tech startups (i.e. cybersecurity, energy), b2b foodtech, digital health business intelligence and programmatic advertising (web/mobile), serving large corporates such as Intel, Visa, Citibank and Microsoft.

Irina Heaver
General Partner, Ikigaiventures.io

Irina is an active investor in Web3 economy, supporting crypto and DeFi projects. She is a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain lawyer based in Dubai and Switzerland. She also serves as a Board and Council Member.

Sandra Tusin
Venture capitalist, Outlier ventures

Associate at Outlier Ventures, mentoring and guiding the best Web 3 startups. Sandra is also a serial entrepreneur running Mindstream-AI, a technology innovation company, and the co-founder of NFT.SOHO, a leading NFT agency hosting the most significant NFT events in London.

Thy-Diep (“Yip”) Ta
Co-Founder, Unit Network

Yip is a co-founder at Unit Network, a leading full-fledged DAO builder for the token economy. She has founded Unit Masters, the signature free blockchain literacy program that has trained several thousand pioneers across the globe in Web3 Fundamentals. She is a governor at H.E.R. Dao and co-founder at DLT Talents, providing scholarships to hundreds of women to enter the blockchain economy. Yip has received several recognitions for closing the gender equitability gap and well-being (” Proof of Meditation”). In 2022, Yip was recognized as one of [100 inspirational women of Web3](https://unstoppablewow3.com/) alongside Galia Benartzi (Bancor), Catherine Wood (ArkInvest), Kathryn Haun (Haun Ventures), and Laura Shin (Unchained). Previously, she worked at McKinsey & Co in the Global Financial Services Practice and at Rocket Internet. She holds an MBA from INSEAD business school and is an advisor at Antler, Techstars, Plug&Play, Launchpool.xyz. She is a passionate meditation teacher, poet, and author of the book “Beautiful Brains Change tomorrow… today”, a mindfulness manifesto and guide to entrepreneurship. She invests in projects that work at the frontiers of technology to advance the United Nations SDG.

Kate Vass
Founder, Curator, Collector, Kate Vass Galerie

Ms Vass is a founder and creative director of Kate Vass Galerie (www.katevassgalerie.com), focusing on generative art (new media art, digital, Crypto). Kate Vass Galerie is the first physical gallery in the world, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland; hosted first blockchain art show introducing NFTs in 2018 and various early historical exhibitions around AI, generative art and NFTs (blockchain, Crypto, AI). Ms Vass has worked for UBS with private collectors and advised many years on wealth planning, followed by opening of her own advisory firm F.A.R.E Consulting (www.fare- consulting.com ) in 2016, specializing in finance, art and innovation strategies, as well as working with fintech and art tech. Kate has always been supportive of female artists of any kind, contributing personally over the years to support some of them. It led to the opening of #womensupportingwomen community project (support women in art through art) introduced at the Vancouver biennale 2020. All her businesses support gender equality and sustainability.

Natalia Toporkova
Support and Community Lead, 1inch Network

A veteran contributor to the decentralized finance ecosystem, structured around self-custodial services facilitated through peer-to-peer technology

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