The creation of safe spaces for people to share, quote and get inspired without judgement.

— Supporters Interview: Asel Nurumova welcomes tech visionaries who support our mission, making the Web 3.0 industry more inclusive. 

Asel Nurumova
Partnership Project Manager at BeInCrypto

Why is it important to have women’s movements in the blockchain space? 
It’s important to have diversity and representation in such a growing sector of the 21st century. Women are often faced with endemic financial barriers to economic freedom, entrepreneurial pursuits, independence, and security. With more female presence & visibility in the space, the future of the FinTech industry will prosper. 

What can we do differently today to have a tangible impact on tomorrow’s gender-balanced ecosystem in tech? 
Let more women use their voices. More content creation on various different platforms & channels tailored specifically for women. The creation of safe spaces for people to share, quote and get inspired without judgement. 

Can you share any examples in the industry or initiatives you (or your company) are currently taking action on?
As a diverse company, proudly woman-led and founded, we at BeInCrypto plan to be on the forefront of the movement of women’s visibility in the space.  The company as a whole is an inspiration, along with all the powerful women involved and our allies!

BeInCrypto seeks to launch recurring campaigns to support women in crypto alongside VC investment. Our platform intends to publish articles which highlight women entrepreneurs of crypto-centric business and female rising stars of the crypto space.  Additionally, we want to lead research on the profitability of women-lead crypto companies and the amount of investments they attracted.

Finally, can you share one word that can represent your passion for inclusion & diversity
#womenincrypto’s mission is supported by the founder’s hours of research, content creation, and platform development. We’d be grateful to see you join our Telegram or follow us on social media if you find the information helpful.

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