The critical priority for solving the problems of humanity by using technology and technology products like crypto assets, is to conceive of human perception as "inclusive".

— Supporters Interview: Dr. Cagla Gul Senkardes welcomes tech visionaries who support our mission, making the Web 3.0 industry more inclusive.

Dr. Cagla Gul Senkardes
Academician at İstanbul Bilgi University in Turkey, Founder of Durugoru Consultancy & Founding member of Istanbul Blockchain Women Association

Why is it important to redefine gender diversity in web 3?
Simply with one sentence; because we now have the technology that enables secure anonymous identities. Gender should no longer be a barrier to entering the new economy being  built powered by web3. The new world being built over blockchain will be constructing their independent culture. And traditional gender roles shall not work in these new worlds and economies. 

What can we do differently today to have a tangible impact on tomorrow’s gender-balanced ecosystem in tech? 
Leveraging blockchain technology, we all can rethink the gendered bias. Culturally constructed ideologies, thoughts and heritage is still the biggest barrier faced by women. The crypto ecosystem draws attention not only with its players, but also with its unique culture. We should not let the culture that develops in this ecosystem to be at the risk of being knitted around the ideas that feminism has been fighting for years. The masculine construction of the language and symbolism of technology carries inclusiveness to a point far away from competence and skills. From this point of view, empowering more women to get involved in this ecosystem will be critical for a gender balanced culture and ecosystem to be built.

Can you share any examples in the industry or initiatives you (or your company) are currently taking action on?

I am one of the founders of Istanbul Blockchain Women Association which has been active for 3 years. I am imprinted to the philosophy of Bitcoin and what the blockchain technology offers for a more sustainable world since many years. One of the positive outcomes of my readings and research through my passion for blockchain is an association aiming to increase awareness and provide networking as well as training on blockchain for women. The negative side is that it did not take so long for me to discover there is inequality in terms of inclusiveness. The history seemed to repeat one more time on another technology and I dedicated my knowledge, experience and passion to build a more inclusive ecosystem for blockchain in Turkey. Thanks to the teammates and all the founders and founding members we have been running the Istanbul Blockchain Women Association for more than 3 years. Many members, many supporters, many events, free training etc have been held and hopefully the image of blockchain is changing to be more gender neutral and balanced.  The ecosystem is welcoming more women hopefully. Still not at a level as desired but we’ll keep on working through this goal. 

 Is there any aspiring company or leader, regardless of gender, you’d like to mention in regards to the women in the blockchain initiative?

I do admire all women who develop, produce blockchain technology. And I admire all women role models who have success stories with blockchain technology and voluntarily share their knowledge to empower more women. 

Finally, can you share one word that can represent your passion for inclusion & diversity?
Crypto is a stair to a fair, inclusive world vision. The critical priority for solving the problems of humanity by using technology and technology products like crypto assets, is to conceive of human perception as “inclusive”.’s mission is supported by the founder’s hours of research, content creation, and platform development. We’d be grateful to see you join our Telegram or follow us on social media if you find the information helpful.

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