Balanced access to resources is important so as not to exclude certain groups/genders from the outset.

— Supporters Interview: Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer welcomes tech visionaries who support our mission, making the Web 3.0 industry more inclusive.

Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer
European Women of Legal Tech 2020 – Founder Davos Digital Forum + Rolemodel Rebels

What is your story about getting involved in the blockchain/crypto/web3 industry in the first place?
Among other things I work in Legal Tech, and that’s where I stumbled upon blockchain in 2017 and am excited about the various use cases.

What is the mission and vision of your company?
To bring people – especially lawyers and attorneys closer to the various use cases of digitalization, automation and also blockchain technologies. I will start with a crash course “Legal Tech” this summer

Why is it important to have balanced access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender?
Balanced access to resources is important so as not to exclude certain groups/genders from the outset. Access to information, law and education” is playing an increasingly important role.

What can we do differently to have a real impact in the lives of women in the tech industry?
Take away threshold fears – create access to STEM careers specifically for women and perhaps learn in girls/women groups rather than mixed gender groups.

Is there any aspiring company or leader you’d like to mention in regards to the women in the blockchain movement?
Olga Feldmeier, Co-Founder of Smart Valor, who is currently engaged in the Ukraine war with an incredible personal commitment.

Finally, can you share one word that can represent your passion in the women in blockchain movement & the reason why?
Endless and worldwide opportunities!’s mission is supported by the founder’s hours of research, content creation, and platform development. We’d be grateful to see you join our Telegram or follow us on social media if you find the information helpful.

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