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Showcasing 71 women-led blockchain startups on!

Hi there.

The world of blockchain is now focusing on #massadoption with the development of NFT and Metaverse technologies. The mainstream F&B brands like Cocacola and Starbucks join the game so as luxury brands like Gucci. We can visualise what NFT and Metaverse are like when utilised. Thanks to that, the era of blockchain mass adoption could be coming sooner than we can imagine now.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of, showcasing the first 71 women-led blockchain startups on the platform. It’s where the real game begins with the women in blockchain initiative I’ve been running since 2017. is on a mission to make the blockchain industry more inclusive.

Our community connects those startups with skilful talents and visionary investors to achieve what we are here for. is a community-driven platform that showcases gender-balanced startups in the blockchain industry. At first, we will list women-led companies, followed by the startups with a gender-balanced team.

Why do we showcase women-led startups?

We believe startups with a gender-balanced team have a greater chance to succeed. So we want to help raise awareness for those startups with the high growth potential in the industry. Once 100 women-led startups are successfully listed, we will open up the listing opportunities to startups with a gender-balanced team. In the long run, we have a chance to expand other areas of UN SDGs besides the diversity & inclusion.

If you are passionate about the women in blockchain initiative, visit or join our Discord server here.

We will be a DAO-styled community platform. There will be a lot of open possibilities for you to take an essential role with us!
Finally, thanks to everyone who’s been endlessly supporting my activities in this role. I’m super thrilled about this launch and what’s to come next!

Founder & Advisor of, Yuree Hong

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