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The art of balance

“Balanced access to resources is important so as not to exclude certain groups/genders from the outset.”
– Dr Petra Arends-Paltzer, European Women of Legal Tech 2020 – Founder Davos Digital Forum + Rolemodel Rebels

We share the same vision, empowering women. In the shechain supporters interview, she emphasised the importance of balanced access to education and resources. “Endless and worldwide opportunities!” represents her passion!

The art of balance. It harmonises the way people work together.

She founded Rolemodel Rebels in 2021, bringing together successful women leaders and young talents. I appreciate her endless energy for taking such initiative and doing it successfully.

You can take part as a mentor, coach, speaker – or mentee if you want to learn from the role model leaders.

I am grateful to have her support for today. Read the full story from Dr Petra here.

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