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We’ve reached over 1000 subscribers in a week!

Yes, it’s true.

I’m so grateful to see all of your support and encouragement. It only motivates me to do more.

Here’s the outcome as of today since I’ve launched on 18 April 2022, precisely 15 days after the announcement:

1071 newsletter subscribers
5.1% website bounce rate
14.66% returning site visitor
5 min 36 seconds average session duration

The average website bounce rate is 30.5% worldwide. The lower bounce rate means the site visitors like to hang around the website more. It tells that people who visit enjoyed navigating our content – 5.1% vs 30.5%!

As a knowledge-sharing platform, recorded a highly promising result in the returning visitor rate and avg. session duration as well.

It’s the power of community that we’ve experienced and will experience more with I will share more exciting stuff through the platform – stay tuned.

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