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The AdHash Protocol is our secret sauce to creating a more transparent and efficient advertising environment. It enables advertisers, for the first time, to serve ads directly to the users’ devices without any ad tech middlemen. The landing pages of the creatives are encrypted with the targeting criteria of the advertisers, ensuring that they only pay for the right audience.


To make sure that the direct-to-user ad serving channel is safe and that bad actors do not take advantage of it, AdHash creates unique identifiers for every ad. We call them ad hashes and we store them on the blockchain, creating an immutable public record of all ads and the advertisers behind them. This introduces an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability that is the path to a healthier advertising ecosystem.


Oct 2018

German Blockchain Award 2021

Adriana Taseva, COO

Zug, Switzerland

Invested by


Creative Destruction Lab


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AdHash is a self-hosted advertising platform which allows advertisers and publishers, for the first time, to manage campaigns and collect data on premise. See how brands and content creators can benefit from more direct, transparent, and privacy-focused advertising.
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