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B-Datagray is developing a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, where (GPU/CPU) cloud computing is processed in-chain, using substrate based blockchains: the actual cloud computing will happen in a low-latency high-efficiency L1 blockchain, where specific users and cloud computing suppliers (validators) are paired on individual basis (when connecting the first time to the network the user sends a computational request to the whole network, the fastest validator to send back the correct answer “wins” that specific user), while the honesty of validators will be double-checked randomly (using a randomized asynchronous consensus protocol) in a slower but more resilient L2 blockchain that can act as an authority. 


The early infrastructure will provide cloud computing only to search engines and browsers, while the mature one to any Web3 application. This network will be fast and efficient, tapping the huge opportunity of serving native Web3 applications with viable decentralized cloud computing.



Angela Griggio, Co-Founder & CEO

Dublin, Ireland

Invested by


F6S Alpha Europe

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