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Transaction Software to decentralize power and mobility and make these sectors web3 ready.

In our current power and mobility environments, asset and customer information as well as payments are fragmented across multiple siloed systems. We lack of trusted business alliances with efficient cross-company interactions. With the current operating systems, the markets are not equipped to handle the coming increase of vehicle, human and company interconnections.

bloXmove decentralizes power and mobility. Based on our distributed layer-2 protocol, we automize, secure and accelerate essential transactions between companies, vehicles and private customers. We use green-proofed blockchain technology to contribute to carbon zero solutions. So stop aggregating, start collaborating.



Bonn, Germany / Dublin, Ireland

Sophia Rödiger, Founder & CEO

Invested by

Master Ventures

Acquired Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform

Related news

Daimler Mobility AG assign blockchain software license to start-up bloXmove, enabling the further development of the open mobility blockchain platform

Why We Invested in bloXmove


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