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$A super-dApp for the multichain world. Making cross-chain transactions simple✨ $
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Bridge Network is the ecosystem’s first cross-chain hub providing all the tools for users and creators to seamlessly transact between blockchains. The bridge toolkit currently contains 4 tools, all connected to the core of the Bridge Network protocol. Users can move an asset (crypto or NFT) cross-chain, trade multiple assets cross-chain or create their own bridge with no development experience.


Bridge Network’s mainnet is intended to launch in early Q2 2022 while their token launch is right around the corner. We would like to thank all of our backers and are looking forward to partnering with them to further advance the cross-chain space.

Co-founded by Favour Uzoaru, Kimberly Adams, Samuel Eke.


Aug 2021

Kimberly Adams, Co-Founder

Barbados, Caribbean

Invested by

FTX Ventures

Master Ventures


Crypto Oasis

Cypher Capital

Fork Ventures

Vulcan Forged

MEXC Global

GDA Capital

Grit Capital

Abed Group

Block Theory


Croc Capital

Related news
Bridge Network Private Funding Round
“Today we are pleased to announce that Bridge Network recently raised $3.8M million with backing from FTX Ventures, MEXC Global, Master Ventures, GDA Capital, Blockfinex, Vulcan forged and other industry leaders. This round was conducted as a private token sale, at an average valuation of $29 million between its seed and private round.”

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