$Bridgesplit is the first non-fungible token (NFT) financialization platform built on the Solana blockchain. $https://discord.com/invite/bridgesplit
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The DeFi and NFT ecosystems exist in silos, causing $20B+ of value to sit idle in wallets. Bridgesplit is a protocol that enables everyday users and institutions to earn yield and get liquidity for non-fungible tokens via lending, indexes, fractionalization, derivatives and more.
The protocol has a few core NFT products, with many more to be added in the coming months.



Solana Ecosystem

Mary Gooneratne, Co-founder

New York, US

Invested by


Coinbase Ventures

Not Boring Capital (Packy McCormick)

a41 Ventures

Anthony Pompliano

Joe McCann

Jeff Maggioncalda (Coursera)

Esther Crawford (Twitter Crypto)

Jump Capital

Solana Ventures


Liquid2 (Joe Montana)

Rucker Park Capital

Harry Hurst (Pipe)

Dylan Macaliano (Ship Capital)

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Bridgesplit Announces $4.25 Million Seed Round
“At its core, Bridgesplit is a liquidity stack for NFTs, presenting (1) the ability to get liquid, flexible, complex exposure on NFTs and (2) yield for providing NFT and NFT derivative liquidity.”

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