The company is an ad-free service that launched in 2017 as a social network and informal platform for creative experimentation. The original blogging product includes the ability to mint posts and accompanying media as NFTs.


In 2020 Cent launched Valuables, a marketplace where Twitter users can mint and auction iconic tweets as NFTs. Valuables is the place where Jack Dorsey famously sold his first tweet for nearly USD $3 million.


In early 2022 Cent launched ground-breaking new audience-management, NFT-publishing, and content-distribution tools at The company will enable sales through these tools later in the year but initially will focus on NFTs as giveaways to establish durable connections between creators and their audiences.


Cent’s financial backers include, Reid Hoffman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mark Pincus, and more. The company’s mission is to enable anyone to make a creative income. To that end the team develops tools for creators, businesses, institutions, applications—or really anyone and anything—to exist and thrive in the creative economy. Cent is helping to build a new, decentralized, open social-graph that allows data and asset portability in and out of any ecosystem.



Katie Geminder, Co-Founder & Chief of Strategy

San Francisco, CA, US

Invested by

Galaxy Interactive

Mark Pincus

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Reid Hoffman

In/Visible Ventures

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