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Drift Protocol is the first perpetual swap exchange to leverage a Dynamic AMM (DAMM). The DAMM was pioneered by our team and is a based on a virtual AMM (vAMM) – with its key innovation being that it introduces repegging and adjustable k mechanisms to recalibrate liquidity in a trading pool based on participant demand. DAMMs, as a result, have the ability to be more flexible than traditional vAMMs and AMMs, which lead to better capital efficiency and reduced slippage.

On Drift, users have the ability to take on up to five cross-margined positions.



Solana Ecosystem

Cindy Leow, Co-Founder

Sydney, Australia

Invested by

Multicoin Capital

QCP Capital

Alameda Research

Jump Capital


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Solana-Based Drift Protocol Raises $3.8 Million — Project Reveals Drift Alpha Ticket NFTs
The project aims to support tokens stemming from SOL and ETH and aims to be a “one-way path to being Solana’s top decentralised futures exchange.” The Drift Alpha Ticket, Drift details, “is a way for the team to identify and reward its early adopters and believers.”

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