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Fluency Aureum was created and developed for the purpose of building and interconnecting national CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) networks which is integrated with cash retail banking to support the transition from cash to a CBDC.

Our fully compliant proprietary technology is specifically-tailored to bring technological and economical innovations of digital currencies to the existing financial system.


With the use of advancements in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) our platform is designed to provide all tools necessary for easy deployment, configuration and management of custom CBDC networks.


Jan 2019

Inga Mullins, Founder & CEO

London, UK

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Blockchain startup Fluency announces $1.3m funding at a $23.5m valuation
“Exclusively speaking to Finextra, Fluency’s CEO Inga Mullins, commented on the need for their platform. “Our proprietary technology, Aureum, allows for the issuance, distribution and exchange of CBDC between central banks, commercial banks, merchants and consumers. Currently there are no competing solutions for implementing CBDC networks that have been built from scratch, or can completely fulfil CBDC needs, and also offer flexible features to central banks.””

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