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We started this journey with one goal in mind: To make travel accessible for everyone, not just the rich.

Our team came together through a shared passion for travel and a desire to help others find a better way to live.

So in 2019, we decided to launch Flywallet as a basic “Book now; Pay later” tool to help regular folk afford more trips.

Since then, we’ve grown into a comprehensive travel budgeting platform with integrated booking features and complete personalization.


And it’s all thanks to an unwavering ambition to make travel possible for anyone, anywhere, no matter their financial situation.


Nov 2018

Alejandra Fernandez, Co-Founder


Invested by

TAS Group

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TAS Group invests in wearables fintech Flywallet
“Flywallet’s flagship product is named Keyble, a new type of wearable that adapts to the user’s lifestyle, created with eco-friendly materials and inspired by made-in-Italy styles. It consists of a smart device that can be inserted into fashion accessories such as bracelets or watch straps and is equipped with biometric sensors for user authentication and health monitoring.”

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