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Horizen Labs is a blockchain technology company that provides the best tools to build blockchains and applications for real-world use cases with privacy options, low transaction fees, and configurable revenue models.


zkChains are proof-of-stake blockchains built on the most secure public blockchain infrastructure. They can be built with zk-SNARK-powered privacy features. They make deploying a custom blockchain more efficient than ever.

zkAudit is an integration-ready zkChain for anyone looking to increase their transparency while preserving user privacy. It is the first and only privacy-enabled audit system that doesn’t require any third party validators.


Apr 2019

Liat Aaronson, Co-Founder & COO

Austin, TX, US

Invested by

Kenetic Capital

Liberty City



Digital Currency Group (DCG)

Sound Ventures

Artist Capital


Related news
Horizen Labs Raises $7M in Seed Funding Round
“Horizen just released a decentralized, “privacy preserving” audit blockchain called zkAudit and counts crypto lender Celsius Network and blockchain-based supply chain platform Morpheus.Network among its early users.
Separately, Horizen is banking on its Zendoo scalability protocol, still in testnet, to increase usage of its technology. Viglione said the company plans to move Zendoo to mainnet by the end of October.”

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