$Iron Fish is a new cryptocurrency that takes no shortcuts on privacy and usability.$https://discord.com/invite/EkQkEcm8DH
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Iron Fish is a new cryptocurrency that takes no shortcuts on privacy and usability. Privacy isn’t just important, it’s essential to crypto’s success. Our vision is for Iron Fish to become a shielded layer for many more assets, even ones on different chains, and provide a platform for true digital cash.

A core belief at Iron Fish is that privacy and ease-of-use are not in opposition. Users and developers deserve both. Our codebase is TypeScript + Rust, so the world’s 1M+ JavaScript developers can contribute. The current implementation is even compatible to run a full Iron Fish node directly in the browser in future iterations.



Elena Nadolinski, Founder & CEO

San Francisco, CA, US

Invested by

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Sequoia Capital


Alan Howard

Terra co-founder Do Kwon

Slow Capital

Balaji S. Srinivasan,

Electric Capital

LinkedIn executive chairman Jeff Weiner

Anchorage co-founder Nathan McCauley

Arrington XRP

Thesis CEO Matt Luongo

Juan Benet

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Iron Fish Raises $27 Million To Build A Cryptocurrency Beyond The Reach Of Surveillance States
““Lack of privacy, and having this expectation that I am surveilled and I need to hide what I have because I don’t actually have privacy guarantees, has evolved the culture in a way that I think negatively impacts innovation and entrepreneurship in the country,” says Nadolinski, speaking from her offices in San Francisco.”


Investing in Iron Fish on a16z.com
“That’s why we’re thrilled to invest in Iron Fish, a decentralized blockchain network using zero-knowledge proofs to create a user-friendly, private cryptocurrency. Iron Fish is inspired by the Sapling protocol, a zk-SNARK-based solution that allows users to send transactions in a manner that is fully-shielded by design. The Iron Fish network is easy to use, and the protocol is architectured to be simple, giving users the same fundamental privacy benefits as an analogue currency like cash.”


New Privacy Coin Iron Fish Launches Testnet With $5.3M in Funding

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