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lips is a feminist technology organization at the forefront of the inclusive design movement, building products designed to unlock opportunities for previously underserved and intersectionally marginalized communities.

our first product is a social media platform designed for women, non-binary folks, lgbtqia+ individuals, and their fans who are seeking a space to express themselves through art, and discover creators without the unhealthy aspects of mainstream internet culture such as online harassment, discriminatory censorship, and plagiarism.

we are building more inclusive machine learning and contextual ai technologies that can be used across industries to improve the online experience of traditionally marginalized communities.


Jul 2019

Annie Brown, Founder

San Diego, CA, US

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Instagram’s Shadow Ban On Vaguely ‘Inappropriate’ Content Is Plainly Sexist
“After Tumblr’s ban on adult content in December, Annie Brown, a San Diego-based digital marketer and feminist activist, noticed sex workers and sexually expressive artists were “floating around the internet with nowhere to go because they were told that they’re unwanted or inappropriate,” she said. She’s now working to transform Lips, the sex-positive magazine she founded years ago, into a social media site where users can freely embrace and share their sexuality.”

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GoodBlock team members Douglas Horn and Leah Petersen met with Annie Brown, founder of Lips.Social to discuss a wide range of topics, from the negative impacts of reliance on the centralized internet, to adversity in traditional funding platforms, and so much in between! Lips.Social is a visually focused social and content platform supporting artists and storytellers of the LGBTQ+ community. Lips is giving marginalized groups a voice, and fighting biased censorship and plagiarism using blockchain technology and the power of this global community to solve complicated social problems. Lips is a minority-owned alternative to platforms such as Instagram, using Telos as a tool to help make the internet better. The Telos blockchain has leading on-chain governance (Telos Decide), and is built and developed by a core development team using the EOSIO codebase. Telos is a cost-effective, energy efficient, fast, and scalable DPoS blockchain that has been operational for over 2 years.
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