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The Lum Network is an open source blockchain protocol (layer 1) based on the Tendermint & Cosmos SDK, the most advanced and secure Delegated Proof-Of-Stake algorithm.


It is powered by the LUM, its native crypto-asset. The LUM is the fuel of the Lum Network and is used by businesses to benefit from the trust layer while rewarding their customers, by validators and delegators to secure the network and many more.


The Lum Network is carried by the non-profit Lum Foundation. Based in Zug, Switzerland (aka the “Crypto Valley”), the Lum Foundation is dedicated to promote the Lum Network, develop and foster new use cases that will benefit its community and drive the governance of the project throughout the Lum token, native to the network.



Sarah-Diane Eck, Founder

France, EU

Invested by

Peng Zhong from Tendermint

Djamel Agaoua from Viper

Klub and Ki Foundation

Arcanum Capital




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Lum Network Raises $4 Million in Private Funding Round
“Commenting on the successful private funding round, Sarah-Diane Eck, co-founder of Lum Network said: We think the time has come for more mainstream uses of blockchain that would impact the real world. Since we started in 2016, the space has matured tremendously. Now, we’re ready to launch a large-scale use case that will directly impact consumers’ lives by adding value to the content they produce. We are very proud to build this in the Cosmos ecosystem, which I consider one of the most promising blockchain networks.”

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