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Novel is a no-code platform available on Shopify that makes Web3 commerce as easy as traditional online shopping. It allows for the creation and sale of NFTs and digital services alongside physical goods by integrating on top of existing Shopify storefronts, making the cumbersome process of Web3 commerce accessible and approachable. Our platform is the first all-in-one Web3 tool on Shopify that handles everything from NFT creation and collection drops to feature-laying while handling all the programming and blockchain management responsibilities. This allows brands and creators to leverage the value of digital goods for building deeper, long-lasting relationships with fans and customers. For consumers, Novel makes it easy to purchase and interact with digital goods by removing the need to understand blockchain, cryptocurrency, or digital wallets.


Oct 2021

Anna Merzi, Co-Founder & CRO

New York, US

Invested by

Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Roth Martin

Costanoa Ventures


Sugar Capital

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Novel, Which Creates NFTs for Companies, Raises $6 Million

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