$Quadrata is a Passport Network bringing the identity and compliance layer to DeFi across existing public blockchains$https://discord.com/invite/67QgzrymHW
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Quadrata Passport™ adds a layer of identity and compliance to existing public blockchains.

Build robust DeFi applications, expand your financial services and leverage the utilization of Quadrata’s proprietary technology to access: KYC/AML Status, Country of Residence, Credit Reputation and Accredited Investor Status.

Our vision is to create a permissioned open DeFi ecosystem. With a one-time verification process, Quadrata Passport™ holders can easily access all trusted Dapps in our network.



Lisa Fridman, Co-Founder & President

Marina del Rey, CA, US

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Quadrata Launches Data Passport Network Instituting Identity and Compliance Into DeFi
“The Quadrata Passport addresses the need for trust through compliance-aware solutions, providing more on-chain data. DeFi today is permissionless, and regulated financial institutions may be at risk of commingling funds with potential bad actors. The passport can therefore provide institutions with more comfort because a trusted third party has reviewed the KYC/AML risks. By bringing identity on-chain, Quadrata aims to expand the range of use cases on DeFi while protecting sensitive information.”

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