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We are Tixy, a European and US-based startup comprised of musicians, crypto enthusiasts, and sports fanatics on a journey to help event creators and fans of all sizes leverage NFT event ticketing! 


Current event ticketing is controlled by large corporations who enable corruption, scalping, and fraud for their own benefit.


We believe everyone deserves reasonable and honest ticketing, backed by decentralized blockchain.
Our mission is to bring reputable and secure ticketing to all names across the events industry.


Aug 2021

Nora Björk, Co-Founder

Stockholm, Sweden

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NFT Ticketing and the Liberation of Global Events
“Web3 + NFTs = Sustainable Event Ticketing
Blockchain technology has opened the gates to a crucial opportunity we’ve all been waiting for: the liberation of event ticketing from monopolization. Tickets can now be minted, sold, and used as non-fungible tokens. These NFT tickets can have special features embedded into them such as exclusive event access, perks, beverage deals, and whatever the creator wants to include.”

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