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The 21st-century peer-to-peer energy exchange system for corporate businesses and renewable generators.


A new innovative energy system that is developed by a group of experts from different backgrounds. 


We as a group are developing an energy marketplace harnessing the power of Blockchain, AI & IoT. The system will result in local energy markets (LEM) and virtual power plants (VPP) to the industry. 


We have decoupled renewable generators from the gas market. Decoupling means stability of the energy price and true net zero. 


With our algorithms, we deliver significant savings on energy bills, create a network hub for all renewables and accomplish the net-zero carbon emission target. 


The emission target will benefit the economy and the environment. Our system is commercially viable in the current market regulatory frameworks nationally and internationally.



Manchester, UK

Somayeh Taheri, CEO

Invested by

Innovate UK

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

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