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V-Art. Your digital life with art. Digital art platform to experience, collect & sell.


V-Art combines NFT marketplace and IP rights to trade & manage digital assets with immersive exhibitions to experience & interact with art.


🚀 V-Art App puts a gallery in your pocket. With our technology, anyone can have an unforgettable experience both in a virtual exhibition and in your physical surroundings by using the AR function.


Aug 2020

Anastasiia Gliebova, Co-Founder & CEO

New York, US

Invested by

Adrian Slywotzky

SID Venture Partners

Related news

next V-Art platform raised a $350.000 pre-seed round from US investors to to make a positive difference in the world of digital art
“V-Art is an emerging leader in a very young (actually embryonic), and very dynamic category. V-Art is early into the game, and highly differentiated in ways that are important to customers. I see the potential to carve out a distinctive leadership position in a category that will see enormous growth for a decade (with multiple potential revenue streams), and probably much longer.”

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