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shechain.co faq
What is the shechain.co platform?

shechain.co is a listing platform that showcases women-led startups in the web3 industry.

How can I get involved?
You can get involved by joining our Telegram group.
What kind of activities do you do?

At first, we will focus on growing the number of women-led startups listed in our platform to offer as many startups as possible that you can search for. 

There will be on/offline events in Berlin via our meetup.

I'm a startup founder. How can I get my business listed?

You can submit your startup for listing on this page.

shechain.co lists startups that;
- have a viable working product/platform
- founded or led by women

Once your application is accepted, we will list your startup & notify you when it's live.

My company is listed by admin. Can I claim the ownership?

Yes. We have pre-selected and listed women-led and/or gender-balanced startups in the web3 industry from publicly available information sources such as the company website and media articles, to name a few.

If you found your company listed on shechain.co and would like to claim the ownership, feel free to send a listing claim request on this page. Once your company ownership is validated, we will send you the login detail so that you can amend your company information as you prefer on shechain.co.

What happens if I want to delist my startup?

Please feel free to submit your delisting request to the same form here

We would appreciate it if you could mention the reason for your delisting request so that we could improve. We are working hard to support our web3 industry at our best! 

Will my startup listing ever expire?

Unless you've requested for an expiry date at the time of listing submission, your startup listing will remain published.

Can I post my job openings?

Yes. You can submit your job description URLs using the same form here. We only accept job listings for the startups already listed on our platform. Don't worry if your startup is unavailable on shechain.co yet. You can go ahead and submit your startup for listing on this page, when you send your job opening URLs to us.

Once your submissions are accepted, they will be listed & we will notify you.

Why do you list women-founded startups only?

We believe startups with a gender-balanced team have a greater chance to succeed. So we want to help raise awareness for those startups with the high growth potential in the industry.

We are focusing on listing the women-founded startups in the web3 industry to encourage gender balance.

At some point, we will open up the listing opportunities to startups with a gender-balanced team as well as with a focus on UN SDGs.



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